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The Adventures of Pinocchio

Pinocchio is a puppet made from a piece of wood that curiously could talk even before being carved. A wooden-head he starts and a wooden-head he stays - until after years of misadventures caused by his laziness and failure to keep promises he finally learns to care about his family - and then he becomes a real boy.

King Chameleon

King Chameleon and more West African Folktales is a selection of folklore believed to have originated from West Africa and the people who live in the region. West Africa is home to several scores of tribes, languages and dialects. Even though, tribal cords are quite strong and languages may differ markedly even between two communities a few hundred miles apart, it is usual to find similarities between the local folktales , and in some cases only the names of the central characters would make one version of a tale to be different from another .

The Leopard and Galogalo

A story about how the desperate desire for vengeance against a cunning creature becomes the undoing of an unwise Leopard. In disregard of his wife’s advice, Leopard becomes friends with a shrewd animal called the Galogalo. The Galogalo suggests that Leopard should allow him paint beautiful spots on his cubs. Excited by the plan, and against his wife’s advice Leopard takes his cubs away for the spot-painting. However, Galogalo kills and eats all of the cubs. Leopard, with assistance of the king makes many attempt to trap Galogalo , with no luck.

Ajala the Terrible Child and other Stories

The story of a boy so terrible that even animals are afraid of him. Everyone in town is afraid of Ajala . In shame his mother took him inside a forest and there abandoned Ajala. He makes friends with some animals but soon they find that Ajala is a very wicked child.The animals run away but Ajala is in hot pursuit. Can the world be saved from Ajala the terrible child ?
(stories: Usman and the Leopard , Ajala the Terrible Child, The Lion’s Food, The Foolish Rich Man)


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