Auntie Mo Kids Radio located at www.auntiemoradio.com is an evolving educational system . The objective is to make FREE educational and entertainment content, directly available to children, either by streaming from an internet browser or a mobile device.The contents are primarily tailored for the learning needs of African children, more than 50% of whom potentially have access to the internet either through computers or mobile devices including phones but to whom regular learning resources are usually not affordable. Please visit the website and also download our free mobile apps for both Android and Apple devices by searching "Auntie Mo Kids Radio" from the relevant stores. These will enable you have a better feel of the poject.

We are looking for children-minded workers all over the world as volunteers on this project for several tasks including:

Reading stories for broadcast - We write the stories, you read at your location and send us the digital files (mp3/wav)
Creating exciting jingles and sweepers.
Creating educational material ( French lessons, Arabic lessons, English lessons, Geographies, Histories, Nature Studies etc)
Curating music and educational entertainment resources from all over the world
Contributing views on positive parenting for listener parents
Assisting to create and update schedules
Assisting with local tip-jar fundraising for the project
Creating other broadcast ideas of interest to kids

We are at this time looking for English-speaking volunteers from all over the world, with radio quality voice or near. Please send a short clip (1-2mins) of your voice recording for evaluation. You will also have access to good internet connection, and ideally good quality recording microphone.

Please send a one-page description of what you are able to contribute to this project including our prior experience if any. : mail@cogniscifoundation.org

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