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Positive Parenting

Children need to be guided right before they can grow right. The major task should rest on the parents, but no parent knows everything that is to know about guiding kids. We have all at one time or the other wished we had opinions of those that have before been in a specific situation, to guide our actions. Here is where you can help, especially if you are in a profession which daily brings you in contact with children. Lend your voice to the AM Kids Radio pool of advice for Positive Parenting.

Preferred Topics Including But Not Limited To Following:
• Rules / Discipline / Consequences
• Temper tantrums/moods
• Developmental stages (what to expect at their age)
• Managing Homework and studies
• Housework, chores, and contributing at home
• Allowance and financial management
• Extra-curricular activities (Too much? Too little?)
• Stress
• Social media/phone/texting
• Curfews
• Dating/relationships/sexuality
• Alcohol/drug use

1. Find a quiet room with minimal background noise
2. Record a professional opinion on any of the topics below, using a good microphone or even your mobile phone.
3. The final recording must be no more than 15 minutes long. Mention your name and your profession at the beginning.
4. Save your recording. That is it !
5. Send your recording as attachment by email to You can submit opinion on as many topics as you want, in separate recordings.
6. Your recording will be reviewed and then slotted into our broadcast pool
7. What is in this for you? Promote your knowledge. You never know, someone influential may be listening!

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