How To Listen

We’re an online radio station with multiple ways to listen.

You can hear us by:
1- Streaming live online on this very website
2- Using our free mobile app – available on Apple or Android

How to listen in your car stereo
There are various ways to stream this radio from your iPhone, Android, Galaxy, or other mobile devices while in the car.
1- Generally speaking, the most popular way is by using a smartphone and Bluetooth technology. In this case, your smartphone sends the stream to the Bluetooth receiver either built-in or installed into your vehicle radio.
2- . If Bluetooth is not available in your car, older models may very well have an AUX input which allows you to run an auxiliary cable with the appropriate size plug OUT of the earphone jack of your phone directly into the AUX IN.
3- No Bluetooth? No AUX IN? No Problem. If you just have a standard FM radio, you can invest a little money in various product that act as an intermediary between your smartphone's Bluetooth and your FM Radio.

Products like iClever's Universal Wireless FM Transmitter can do this for under $15.00.You plug the device into your vehicle's power source and turn it on. You pair it with your smartphone's Bluetooth and then the iClever device receives the stream from your phone and transmits it via FM directly to an unused FM channel on your FM car radio. You can order this device from us.

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